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Understanding Gravity: Why Don’t We Fall Off the Earth?

Have you ever wondered why you always land on the ground when you jump? Or why does an apple fall straight down from a tree and not up? 

Well, the answer is: gravity!

Gravity is a natural force that pulls everything that has mass towards each other. Here on Earth, it’s the invisible force that keeps us on the ground instead of floating up into the air. It’s like an invisible string that pulls us and keeps us connected to the earth.

Did you know that astronauts in space feel much less gravity than we do here on Earth? That’s why they seem to float in their spaceships. And that’s not just true for astronauts — gravity is weaker on the Moon, too. That’s why the astronauts who visited the moon were able to jump high into the air, much higher than we can on Earth. You would be able to jump over your house if we lived on the moon.

So, strap in and get ready to dive deep into the world of gravity and discover why we don’t fall off the Earth. 

What is Gravity?

As we have already mentioned, gravity is a natural force. But it’s not just any force, it’s a force that pulls objects with mass towards each other. This force of attraction exists between any two masses, no matter how small or large they’re.

Have you ever heard of Sir Isaac Newton? He was a scientist who long ago made many important discoveries about how the world works. One of his most famous discoveries is that of gravity. Legend has it that he developed his ideas about gravity while sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell and hit him on the head! Whether this story is true or not, Newton did some incredible thinking about why things fall down.

Every objects pulls other object

Newton established the law of universal gravitation. This law basically states that every object in the universe pulls on every other object. 

The bigger the object, the stronger the pull. That’s why the Earth, which is much bigger than us or an apple, pulls us and everything else towards it.

And gravity doesn’t just act on things on Earth. The same force keeps the moon in its orbit around the earth and the earth and other planets in their orbits around the sun. It’s the reason why, when we look up at the night sky, we always see the moon and the stars in the same place. 

Gravity is truly universal!

In short, gravity is an invisible force that pulls things toward each other, and it was Sir Isaac Newton who helped us better understand this force. But that’s not all – let’s dive a little deeper and find out how gravity works on Earth.

Why don’t we feel the Earth moving?

Have you ever wondered why we don’t feel the earth moving even though it’s constantly spinning and orbiting around the sun? Well, it’s because of gravity.

The earth is spinning at a pretty high speed. However, we don’t feel this movement because gravity is pulling us and everything else toward the center of the earth at the same speed that the earth is spinning. It’s a bit like when you’re driving in a car at a constant speed: You don’t feel like you’re moving, but you know you’re moving because you see the landscape change.

But what about the fact that the earth is spinning? Doesn’t that mean we’re being flung away like water from a wet dog shaking? Well, it’s true that the Earth’s rotation creates a small outward force, but it’s much, much weaker than the force of gravity pulling us inward. So we don’t feel this outward force, and we’re definitely not being flung into space!

The great thing about gravity is that it doesn’t just pull things straight down. It pulls everything toward the center of the earth. That’s why people in Australia who are on the other side of the Earth aren’t falling off the planet – they’re being pulled toward the center of the Earth, too! No matter where we’re on earth, gravity always pulls us toward the center of the earth.

Why don’t we fall off the Earth?

Gravity is the force that keeps us on the ground. Without it, we’d float away into space! Thanks to gravity, we can walk, run, jump and come back down without floating away. It’s like an invisible anchor that keeps us safe and secure on earth. When we jump, gravity pulls us back. When we throw a ball in the air, gravity brings it back to the ground.

Even though we can’t see gravity, we can see and feel its effects everywhere. It keeps our feet on the ground and the Earth maintains its orbit around the sun. Gravity is a crucial force that makes life as we know it possible! 


Not only does gravity keep us from floating off into space, but it’s also a crucial force that keeps the Earth in its orbit around the sun, and it’s the reason we always see the moon in the same place in the night sky. It’s a force that acts everywhere in the universe, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies.

The next time you catch a ball, ride a bike, or just go for a walk, remember that gravity makes it all possible. 

Isn’t physics amazing?

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